Storytelling Courses


This course gives the participants the tools for effective communication, exploring and improving our expressive capabilities. The voice is a great instrument and by being aware of its potential we can better express our meaning. Through the course we will learn to encourage an environment for better listening and participation, whether we are talking to children or adults, to a single person or to a vast public.


Giving someone a story is a generous and unforgettable gift, if done well. This is a course for learning how to make any subject become magic, from history to mathematics.

FOR: Adults. Nursery and primary school teachers.

GOALS: How to ensure our audience listens, how to increase their attention span, how to make sure they understand and keep the most important concepts, how to use our body and our voice. This course provides the tools for an effective and involving narrative communication, by exploring and improving our expressive skills.

WHEN: 6 classes. One and a half hours each. From 6 to 18 participants.


A story is a gift of love. Let’s learn how to share this gift with our loved ones, to understand their difficulties and meet their needs by reading and telling them wonderful stories. We will learn how to transform a fairy tale in a true story and how to stimulate our children to express their needs through making up stories.

FOR: Adults, especially parents GOALS: We will learn how to better understand and guide our children in the game of everyday life. How to see their hardships and understand their needs, how to provide them with confidence and support. It is important to note that this is NOT a psychotherapy course.

HOW: Workshops where parents will learn new and old methods and skills to play with their children through stories and fairy tales. In a playful but intense way we will learn to accompany our children through life with our touch and our voice.

WHEN: 4 evening classes. One hour and a half each.

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