Storytelling for healing with Debailleul method

Traditional tales are not only for children, they represent a thousand-year-old wisdom which enables us to develop our creativity and awaken our inner talents. Before most people had books, the most valuable teachings were transmitted by the voice. These teachings have been passed to us through tales. Their wisdom enables us to activate resources we don’t know we have. Ancient tales teach us to trust ourselves when everything seems lost, when luck seems to have abandoned us. This work with tales seeks new energies inside us, awakens and activates them. All the characters of a tale are part of us: they show the essential and deepest aspects of our inner selves.

GOALS: To strengthen our identity, to find and activate our hidden qualities, to open ourselves to the intelligence of the heart, to develop our insights, creativity and talents, to discover our natural growth program and our true value.

RECIPENTS: Adults— Minimum 6, maximum 10 participants

HOW: In classes we will develop three functions:

  • The KING, the mental principle, “I ask everything”;
  • The HERO, the commitment principle, “I try everything”;
  • The FAIRY, fulfilment principle, “I can do everything”. Storytelling sessions will be accompanied by relaxation and creativity exercises, to find the keys that allow us open the doors to our inner power. We will then link fairies and spells to everyday life, we will learn how to overcome life’s obstacles and hardships and to finally live with our heart fully open.

WHEN: Alternatives

  • Short course of 3 classes. Two hours and a half each.
  • Long course of 9 classes. Two hours and a half each.
  • Alternatively, a two-day workshop (Saturday and Sunday, for instance) from 9.30 a.m. to 17.30 p.m. with a two-hour pause for lunch.
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