Progetto Arte Terapia

ART THERAPY Debailleul Method

The ancient tales say that our destiny is in our hands, to give us the hope and the strength to change.” How to activate our inner powers and overcome life’s obstacles.

  • Seminars with 3 to 9 classes.
  • 2-day workshops

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Storytelling per adulti


Thematic storytelling events. The voice soars and brings to life historic or fantastic characters. Dark stories of our past, sagas from far away, Biblical tales and much more.

  • One or two hour event, depending on the context.

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Corsi di narrazione


Courses for teachers, grandparents and parents. Telling a tale is a gift, whatever the topic. Let’s learn to make every word alive, whether teaching a tough school subject or telling a goodnight story. We will learn to hand this gift down to the ones we love most.

  • For parents and granparents: with 4 to 6 classes
  • For teachers: with 5 to 7 classes

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Progetti personalizzati


Short or long term projects specifically designed for companies, school and privates. They will sharpen communication skills and help turn thick walls into open doors.
Projects to manage internal conflicts, for team-building or to enhance one’s speaking skills.

Eventi in natura


Forest events with storytelling and activities to bring us back in touch with our healthy and natural side. Playing and telling stories in nature has a deep value for children of all ages.

  • From 3 to 6 meetings, both outdoors and indoors

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