Who I am

I am an Italian-Scottish “wildlife” storyteller. I come from the Italian mountains, where the time passes slow through the woods and live in Scotland, land of magical stories carried by the North Wind.

Working as a game warden and wildlife manager for many years helped me to develop my instinctive love for Nature. After the diploma in storytelling for healing with the Debailleul method, I combined my two passions: wildlife and storytelling. My major aim now is to take adults and children back in touch with wildlife and nature through storytelling.

I took part in the “The 12 Hunters” group, to spread the deep wisdom of ancient tales in problematic areas and for people with special needs.

I collaborated with the Natural History Museum in Brussels, to take to Italy the project “Dino”, to make the museums fun even for the youngest children. In Italy I have developed private and school projects for an educative and therapeutic use of storytelling with, among the others, Arte in Gioco (Reggio Emilia).

I am a member of the directory of the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh, the Italian Federation for Storytelling (FIST) and the UK Society for Storytelling. I have shared stories with people in many nursery and primary schools, hospitals, retirement houses, and other venues as well as at Storytelling Festivals.

My curious life story is told in the book “Fuori Luogo” (Ceroni-Taddia, Feltrinelli Ed.)

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